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Re: Psychological decolonization
« Reply #120 on: May 18, 2023, 07:36:17 pm »
Mainstream journalism finally catches onto the obvious:

experts who study racial identity and extremism say there are a variety of reasons why nonwhite people might be drawn to the movement.

Many say that one of the main appeals of racist groups is that they can offer some people of color an opportunity to distance themselves from their own backgrounds — which they may view as inferior — and to gain some of the perceived power that comes from being aligned with whiteness.
“What’s the best way to distance yourself from feeling like you’re part of an oppressed group? It’s to align yourself with those who are part of the oppressors.

Woke comments:

Explanation? Self hating, wannabes that wish they were white.

even though blacks would never admit it, I do believe they subconsciously submit to white folks as their masters.

Ask Clarence Thomas.

many non African races...don't want to be associated with 'blacks'...when labeled as 'colored.'

Only DUMB LATINOS side with white supremacists. The ones that do will wake up one day and find the barrel of that gun pointed at them.

white Hispanics look down on darker-skinned Hispanics just as some Caucasians look down on darker-skinned races in the US.  No one should be the least bit surprised that some of their ilk would be drawn to the supremacists.

After reading the article the first person I thought of was it Ted Cruz

Those are self-haters who have psychological issues about themselves and/or their race. The best example of this is Michelle Malkin, she's a product of filipino immigrants and yet she's advocating outlawing all immigration whether legal or illegal. She was once talking about the "Affirmative Action" and how it disadvantaged white people... while talking she inadvertently and in a 'freudian slip-of-a tongue' said, "we" while talking about white people.

White supremacists don't have to be white - but remember all white are white supremacists
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