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Re: Reproductive decolonization
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:20:02 am »

I see. So rather than solve the problem this will merely reinforce the WN view that “races shouldn’t breed with each other”. The real reason why “whites” are valued is because of Eurocentric bias. However, the WNs will not admit to this as the bias works in their favor! They like to pride themselves for being “conquerors” of “non white” women, while viewing “non white” men as sexual competitors.

“However, this author only perceives the former as sickness, while the latter he seems to speak of almost as a cure! Why? We all know why.”

Usually it comes back to some foppish argument about matrilineal DNA, but is ultimately Eurocentric as they only value the AMWF couple because the offspring are more “white” looking.


Hapas who feel like crap because they're only half white deserve to!


Looking at this again:

I like white people because almost all modern innovations, inventions, science has been discovered by White Europeans and I prefer their looks as well.

we here already address both issues. By opposing complexification, we destroy the (Western) presumption of innovation as automatically positive, and indeed we demonstrate that modernization has overall been colossally negative:

By valuing neoteny (and hence low sexual dimorphism), we derive an aesthetic standard actually rather unfavourable to "whites" (with rare exceptions, of course). In particular, my principle of judging male and female beauty using identical criteria wreaks instant havoc on Eurocentrism (which totally depends on judging male and female beauty using contrary criteria). So in theory, we have it all covered.

But does it work? I am not too optimistic. Does anyone here remember that fiasco time back on the old blog when I had to explicitly remind longtime commenters that "small ****" should be a compliment, not an insult?

You'd have thought this was something they could have figured out by themselves? But they did not. So I can't help but wonder, how much else of what I say (or, more pertinently, what I don't say because I presume everyone already understands it) is not obvious at all to most people, even on our own side?

It was a shock to me the first time I encountered women who keep as thin as possible themselves yet do not want men to be similarly thin, for example. Or men who are turned off by body hair in women yet who are proud of their own body hair. And so on. (Of course, all of this pales in comparison with vegan women who are turned off by vegan men, but let's not even get started with that.....) How much more of this is going on (with regard to other traits) that I haven't yet encountered, and do I really have to explain one trait at a time why it is wrong?


"(Of course, all of this pales in comparison with vegan women who are turned off by vegan men, but let's not even get started with that.....)"

Rightists often brag about their ability to easily seduce "leftist" women, including vegans. This illustrates the difference between False Leftism and True Leftism.


Typically HBD sites that discuss "aesthetics" such as explicitly state their preference for high dimorphism. For example, they will rate a female model positively for having "high E (estrogen)" hormonal profiles, but then rate a male model negatively for having "low T (testosterone)" hormonal profiles! This was when I realized that such standards are not really aesthetics at all, but merely evaluation based on sexual (i.e. reproductive) criteria.

This is in line with the pro natalist ideologues of the alt right who also only value aesthetic traits insofar as they are conducive to reproduction (e.g. youth in females, but age in males).


"their preference for high dimorphism"

It wouldn't be too bad if they made it clear it was solely their preference and nothing more. What's most annoying is when they make it sound like everyone is "biologically hard-wired" to value high sexual dimorphism, and anyone who claims not to value it is lying. And nothing we can say can convince them that we are sincere. This comes from their half-baked grasp of evolution that fallaciously equates heritable traits not favoured by natural selection with such heritable traits being nonexistent in the first place.

I agree that - all other factors being equal - those who value high sexual dimorphism will be more successful under natural selection than those who value low sexual dimorphism. But that does not mean that individuals belonging to the latter group do not exist! Even heritable traits that fail to be intergenerationally transmitted via reproduction do not vanish permanently, because they can recur via solar-induced mutation of bloodlines that formerly did not possess them. (Or if you want to be theological about it, the Sun God infuses nobility into our DNA, and then Yahweh eliminates that DNA because it does not conform to his creation.)

"such standards are not really aesthetics at all"

Another thing I despise is the "1-10" rating system (basically a simplified version of percentiles). This is not what I consider to be aesthetics either, since it measures people merely relative to one another, instead of compared to an archetype. Genuine aesthetics should be about: 1) distance of real-life individuals from the nearest archetype; 2) the ranking of the archetypes. We should probably demonstrate this sometime.


False Leftists also stereotype "non white" ethnicities such as "Asians" as being more neotenous and thus aesthetically inferior.


This is the same pattern we keep seeing: False Leftists are aesthetically Westerners. The only thing we are not yet sure of is how much of this is due to conditioning and how much due to biology. But we are here to at least undo as much of the conditioning as possible, so that by the end of it we might be able to say that whatever remains is probably biological.

"Rightists often brag about their ability to easily seduce "leftist" women, including vegans. This illustrates the difference between False Leftism and True Leftism."

Yes, if you mean only False Leftist women would be seducible by rightist men:

This problem will not be solved until masculinity itself is considered a turn-off by women. While culturally promoting low sexual dimorphism may help to an extent, full success will require state control over reproduction (wherein only women who spontaneously prefer low sexual dimorphism men would be allowed to reproduce), in order to undo all the millenia of natural selection involving high sexual dimorphism men (esp. Turanians) raping women and the fraction of women who did not commit suicide in order to avoid impregnation (surely including those who found their rapists attractive!) being the fraction which reproduced.


A first-person Eurocentrism experiment: (read the whole thing)

I Pretended To Be A White Guy On Tinder And This Is How Kenyan Ladies Threw Themselves At Me

As a fake white guy, almost every swipe I made to the right ended up being a match. I was barraged with options. All girls wanted to talk to me. I had so many matches I didn't even know who to pay attention to. My phone was buzzing with so many messages, it was unbelievable. As an African guy, consider yourself lucky if you get more than five matches in a week, yet as a mzungu, I had over 30 matches in a few hours. Some even swiped right on me first. And these were super fine ghels.

Since it was an experiment, I proceeded to chat with them in the most aggressive way possible. I got extremely naughty and composed explicit flirt messages that would normally be met with insults or blue ticks if they came from a local black mouth like mine and yours. But guess what? These Kenyan girls were very warm and accommodating. Nearly all of them were ready to part thighs for me within the first few minutes of chatting.

The results of my little experiment are worth examining in detail for the clarity they provide to men who rely on the local dating marketplace as the fulcrum of their mate selection strategy.

The worst part is that, on average, even those who don't consciously think of themselves as being Eurocentric are subconsciously (and hence in practice) just as Eurocentric as those who admit it. As such, how do we even go about finding the authentic non-Eurocentric minority?

(Can we even be sure that we have no Eurocentrism among the members of this forum?? If anyone wants to come out of the closet, please feel free.)


Here we go again:

The Indian obsession with 'white skin' begins early these days. Now, childless Indian couples aspiring for offspring have a large roster of demands: fairer skin, light hair and blue/green eyes. And they're thronging sperm banks and fertility centres across the country looking for "firangi" donors to ensure they get it. So, foreigners visiting India or residing here are being tapped for gametes—to beget, by proxy, children with lighter skin pigment and eye tone. "We get about 10-15 requests every day for fair babies," says Dr Anoop Gupta of the Delhi In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Fertility Research Centre. "They include almost all couples from South India and a large number of nris ."

The sperm bank at Gupta's centre too has a large number of foreign donors. "We encourage foreign donors," he says. "Most of them are exchange students studying medicine and engineering who are commercial donors back in their countries and donate here regularly." Male donors get anywhere up to Rs 2,000; women who donate their eggs get between Rs 30,000 and Rs 45,000.
Dr Naina Patel of the Akanksha IVF centre in Anand, Gujarat, points to an instance where a Christian couple from Rajasthan came to her asking for a fair baby with blue eyes. "The religion of the donor did not matter to them—they just wanted a foreign donor."Dr Naina Patel of the Akanksha IVF centre in Anand, Gujarat, points to an instance where a Christian couple from Rajasthan came to her asking for a fair baby with blue eyes. "The religion of the donor did not matter to them—they just wanted a foreign donor."

We all know what "foreign" is a code-word for.

"In India, the government sees sperm as a commodity," says Dilip Patil of Cryos International, a Denmark-based sperm bank which opened up a branch in Mumbai last month. "Last year, we imported sperm from Denmark and paid custom duty on it."

Do you think they could do the same with sperm from Kenya? Why not? We all know why not.

"It will also pose a problem for couples who do not want to tell their child that he or she was born out of this procedure but whose appearance is going to be a sure giveaway," says Patil. The Pals are facing that problem already. Every time they're questioned about the distinct difference in the colour of their skin and that of their daughter, they're quick to reply that their ancestors were very fair.

Ugh..... Every time I thought I must have already seen the limit of low self-esteem in "non-whites", I come across an even worse story.....

I am sure there must be some individuals from formerly colonized peoples who have (or at least want to have) higher self-esteem, but where are they? All of them need to be on this forum FFS!