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Re: Reproductive decolonization
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:43:50 am »

Before we even start, stop saying "overseas". Nigeria is overseas relative to China. Do single Chinese women seek sperm from there?

Looking at page after page of childhood photos, Xiaogunzhu was drawn to an image of a French-Irish boy with smiling dark blue eyes.
Her choice made -- donor #14471 on the website of a Californian sperm bank -- Xiaogunzhu flew to the US to begin the first rounds of treatment.
Danish sperm and egg bank Cryos International has created a Chinese website and added Chinese-speaking staff. American and European sperm banks told AFP that they have increasing numbers of Chinese clients.
In China, sperm donors must remain anonymous.

But international sperm banks offer women details like hair colour, childhood photos, and ethnic background.
Carrie said that international sperm banks are more sophisticated than Chinese ones, and "able to meet consumer demand".

Peter Reeslev, CEO of Cryos International, told AFP that given the extra choices, "Chinese women tend to choose Caucasian donors."

Most Caucasians in the world are "non-white". Do Chinese women tend to choose Indian sperm donors, for example?

Reeslev said one possible reason is that sperm banks outside of China have fewer Chinese donors -- Cryos has only nine donors out of 900 who identify as Chinese.

US sperm bank California Cryobank has 70 available donors out of 500 who self-identify as Chinese.

But experts say regardless of the availability of Chinese or Chinese-American donors, women are still chosing to have mixed-race children.

"Basically, the selected sperm donors are mostly white," said Xi Hao, a clinical coordinator in Beijing who helps Chinese customers access a fertility clinic in California.

At least this guy is able to be honest about what is going on. So no, they are not choosing to have multiethnic offspring, they are choosing to have offspring of partial "white" ancestry.

Zhan Yingying, a co-founder of the Diversity Family organisation, said it was rare for her to come across a mother who chose a sperm donor of Chinese ethnicity.

Traits such as double eyelids and pale skin are often valued according to Chinese beauty standards.

"Before choosing the sperm donor I had not considered a particular race," insisted Carrie, but after seeing the catalogue she realised she had a preference for foreign physical traits -- and now has two half-Danish children.

Do you think her preference extends to "non-white" foreign physical traits? We all know the answer.

For baby Oscar, Xiaogunzhu said personality was the major factor in her decision as the donor was listed as "full of joy".

But on her Weibo blog, photos of Oscar with the hashtag #mixed-race baby draw admiration.

"I personally don't care about the colour of the skin," she said.

"I only care that the eyes are big and the features are good."

Would the hashtag draw admiration if the baby was "non-white" multiethnic? We all know the answer. (By the way, plenty of "non-white" people have big eyes, so STFU.)

Just cut the bullshit and admit you are utterly pathetic Eurocentrists already. If the Chinese government were even marginally competent, it would not allow Eurocentrists to reproduce at all.


To reiterate, I have no problem with interethnic marriage in itself. What I have a problem with is "non-whites" Eurocentrically thinking that getting a "white" spouse is marrying "up". Besides being insulting, it leads to the phenomenon described in the first post which then further reinforces Eurocentrism in a never-ending cycle.


They do this so their potential offspring will be more “white” and will therefore have reproductive access to a greater pool of women, since “white” men are treated with reverence by “non white” female Eurocentrists.


Why only mention the advantage to their sons? Do not their daughters also receive the same advantage? But yes, and the reason why "non-white" female Eurocentrists treat "white" men with reverence is the same one again: they too want "whiter" offspring.

Look at this example:

They actually mention robustness explicitly as a positive trait..... Yet how often do we see "non-white" women being praised by Eurocentrists for being robust? (More often, robust "non-white" women are invariably compared to ogres, etc..) Which goes back to what I was saying earlier:

It is inaccurate to even speak of "Eurocentric standards of beauty", because as I have just shown, there are no standards as such. If there were standards, curly hair would be deterministically either good or bad irrespective of whom it is on. But when curly hair is bad when on a "non-white" but good when on a "white", it is just blind Eurocentrism.

Same thing here: robustness is considered bad when on a "non-white" but good when on a "white". Blind Eurocentrism.

Our first task is to exclude from being taken seriously those who are incapable of consistency. I personally dislike robustness no matter whom it is on, but I have more respect for someone who likes robustness no matter whom it is on than for someone who likes robustness only when on a "white". The former I can even have an enjoyable aesthetical discussion with, even though we have different tastes. The latter is not worth wasting time on other than to ridicule in public.


Brazilian women want to be impregnated from the sperm of white American men, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal Thursday.

Wealthy Brazilian women and lesbian couples are requesting white male sperm from the U.S. so their kids will have more Caucasian features, the Wall Street Journal reported.

If anyone was hoping that LGBT people are less Eurocentric, you can stop hoping now. One thing is for sure, though: LGBT Eurocentrists should be disqualified from "Pride" events, as they obviously have none.

At least 50 percent of Brazil’s population is black or mixed-race, but women are selecting young sperm donors who will more likely produce children with blond hair and blue eyes. The number of American sperm donors to Brazil surged at least 3,000 percent in the past seven years. It is also illegal to pay men for their sperm in Brazil, which allows American donors more opportunity in the market.

The carefully vetted process of selecting American sperm and then the in vitro fertilization process starts at around $7,000.

If I had an extra $7000, I'd rather save it up for the child to choose how to spend it later!

The rationale for wanting white children is reportedly due to racism and tense race relations throughout Brazil’s history. Brazil took in 10 times as many slaves as the U.S. and it was the last Western country to make slavery illegal in 1888. Now, 80 percent of the richest one percent of Brazil’s population is white, according to WSJ.


The psychology of low self-esteem:

I stand in the aisle of the school bus while the other seventh graders snicker and block me from sitting next to them, as they have for the entire school year. Taking my seat next to the bus driver, I look out to the road with resignation. My great-aunt, adorned in a colorful sari, waves goodbye to me while the entire school bus looks on. I want to disappear into the dingy brown vinyl bus seats. With the newfound cruelty of adolescence, I scoff and loudly tell my classmates, “That crazy lady is just my maid.”

I am still ashamed of how I treated my great-aunt. I also know it was a form of preteen self-preservation. I desperately wanted what so many other children that age do: to be as bland and vanilla as possible, just so that I could get through the day without being ostracized.

I now find myself in a mixed marriage, mother to a 3-year-old mixed-race girl who easily passes for white. Her fair skin, auburn hair and light brown eyes do not even hint at her Pakistani background.

… When I went to school, I would toss my chicken tikka sandwiches, lovingly made by my mother, in the trash, so as not to infuse the school with the odor of cumin and suffer my classmates’ incessant jokes. …

A few years later, those glorious Manhattan pillars of American might crumbled. Though I did not know what the world held in store for us in the coming years — the threats, the insults, the judgmental looks — what I did know was that we were already tried, convicted and sentenced before we even knew what our crime was. …

But I didn’t pass. As I sat in large leather chairs at medical school interviews all over the country, with sweaty palms peeking through a navy business suit, I was asked whether I would wear a burqa as a doctor. (I have never worn a head scarf.) I was told that my religion was the reason Nigerian women were stoned every day, and was asked whether my father had taught me how to make bombs in our garage.

Luckily I came armed with Norman-Rockwellian-Americana stories filled with glorious tales of the grateful immigrant: hardworking and nonthreatening. I became a caricature of what they wanted.

This is the tumultuous conflict that my daughter will never have to know. I only wish it was because cultural attitudes had shifted, rather than because she has less melanin than I do. Her skin color has given her a sense of belonging, something I never had. Instead, I worry whether she will be the one snickering, not allowing her classmate to sit next to her on the bus. After all, my bullies in school all looked like the daughter I have now. …

I have had to fight for this identity in a way my daughter, who easily passes for white, never will. My daughter has the privilege of choice, or of not choosing race at all; her default is white, and the power dynamic is in her favor. She will have a seat reserved for her on the school bus before she even gets on. However, I’ve found myself worried that she will internalize what the world tells her about her mother — that because of my darker skin, I am worth less. I remain terrified of the day that she tosses her kebab sandwich in the garbage and jeers at me — her brown-skinned, Urdu-speaking mother waving goodbye to her — and loudly tells her classmates, “She’s my nanny.”

If that does happen, you deserve it. You were the one who worshipped your own bullies in school. Given your attitudes, it is perfectly likely that your husband also bullied "non-whites" back when he was in school. You could have chosen to not reproduce. But clearly the prospect of getting a "whiter" daughter outweighed the prospect of getting a daughter carrying her parents' inferior genes.