Author Topic: Reproductive decolonization  (Read 1994 times)


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Re: Reproductive decolonization
« on: January 13, 2021, 12:35:43 am »

why are far right men married to women of color?

For one, it’s question of the chicken and the egg.

    With strong social problems, these men are offputting to their real prize – white women*. This causes them to blame either white women or “Jewish” conspiracies to “corrupt” white women (especially for leaving them for men of color). Their far-right behavior further isolates them from white women, causing further problems.

    They need sex and companionship, though, since this is the driving force for male motivation.

    In comes a horribly insecure woman of color, who wishes she lived up to the supposed beauty and cultural prestige of whites and white women. She’ll defend her choices to the death, though, since, you know, nobody (including my own mother) wants to admit they made a mistake.

    Biiiig problem, though, since this guy technically was unmarriageable within his own culture, it doesn’t magically make him sexually attractive to his wife, especially not one with a strong agenda towards survival and pathological inability to see herself as a sexual being. The dead bedroom, profound understanding of his own undesirability, and nagging sense that he solved nothing causes Proud Boys like Nick to visit the capital in a highly dangerous, life-ruining act of desperation and sexually-repressed agitation.

Again, now we have millions of biracials with non-white moms and openly racist white dads, inheriting both their mother’s self hatred as well as their father’s mental illness, and yet I’m the bad guy for pointing this out. Cry me a river, this was society’s responsiblity years ago but this kind of thing just got lost in the muck of intersectionality.

Remember, white supremacy is taught, specifically by ones parents. No where along those lines does it say one of ones parents can’t be non-white.

*Cue the whinelord who says, “oh ET, you’re obsessed with white women!” The reality is (yes, the actual reality, like it or not), there is a tremendous subset of society that de facto believes that whiteness is the ideal, at least in terms of physicality. Spin it as somehow my fault, but everyone knows this is what goes through the minds of most people.