Author Topic: Reproductive decolonization  (Read 1911 times)


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Re: Reproductive decolonization
« on: March 30, 2021, 02:01:45 am »
More people are getting it (I recommend you read the full article):
Sex as utility is an integral and intentional part of white supremacy. The way sex is used and has been used to reify white ascendant ideals of personhood is revealed in the ways that entire Black communities and lives have been destroyed under the guise of protecting white women from Black men’s sexual appetites—consider Emmett Till, the Scottsboro Boys, the Central Park Five, and many more unnamed and unknown to us. It is also revealed in the practice of Black men beholding white women as “upper echelon” sex objects, usually as a (sub)conscious means of conquering what Black men have long been forbidden from, sometimes even under pain of death. We see it in the coveting of mixed babies, especially ones with light skin and “good hair.” Reproduction and building families becomes another means of valuing whiteness and proximity to whiteness while devaluing Blackness.