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Re: Ancient candidates for socialism
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I would add too in regards to the marriage question, learning to love someone that you were not initially attracted to can be a romantic undertaking as the only way to find something attractive about the arranged spouse would be for the other person to learn absolutely everything about them. This might lead two partners into knowing more about each other than any modern day Western couple could ever hope to express about their romantic partner? I think the only way an arranged marriage between two noble persons could turn into a disaster is if both decide to dig in their heels and resist the arrangement purely on the grounds that it was an arranged match in the first place?

I think as modern people living in the West we are also biased because the first thing most Westerners think about when it comes to romantic relationships is physical attraction and sexual intercourse. This is how we have been trained. Having said this, if I'm not mistaken I do not believe Savitri Devi ever had sexual intercourse with her spouse? Which leads me to think that in an arranged marriage where two noble partners are not sexually attracted to each other, if sex is a must have for one of the people, or both, in the marriage they could seek it else where as long as they were honest and upfront about their intentions and reasoning with the other person in the arranged marriage? Perhaps this is why King's often have mistresses and only had sex with the Queen in order to create an heir for the throne?

The only reason for an arranged marriage between to noble people is to ensure the continuation of noble bloodlines, is it not?