Author Topic: Statue decolonization  (Read 4392 times)


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Re: Statue decolonization
« Reply #105 on: April 28, 2022, 08:27:15 pm »
While there have been many statues toppled since we started this topic, the following story reminds us that toppling statues is by itself not enough. So long as our enemies' bloodlines are not eliminated, they can keep putting the statues back up.

BALTIMORE — After a group of protesters threw Little Italy’s longtime Columbus statue into the Harbor two years ago, the statue has been recreated by a local sculptor.
sculptor Will Hemsley also dedicated himself to rebuilding the solemn, marble Christopher Columbus statue, costing him about $80,000. The new sculpture is almost identical to the original one.

The only genuinely meaningful solution is to eliminate all enemy bloodlines. Why not begin with the Hemsley bloodline?

Pica said Tuesday that the recreation of the sculpture is not necessarily about Columbus, but about what he represents as an incredible explorer who opened up the path between western Europe and the Americas.

In other words, it is about Columbus. **** your gaslighting, Western colonialist.