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Re: Statue decolonization
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This is the correct attitude:

In the lead-up to Christopher Columbus Day on Oct. 10, local Indigenous groups have told City of Tampa officials to remove a Columbus statue from the park dedicated to him on Bayshore Boulevard and W Platt Street. But even if the city refuses to remove it, the group says the statue will come down.

“One way, or another the statue of Columbus must and will be removed,” the Florida Indigenous Alliance and the Florida American Indian Movement wrote in a letter addressed to the city.

There is no reason for Americans to defer to the decision of Western occupiers.

The groups want the statue removed and for the city to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. For Natives, Columbus represents slavery, ****, genocide, torture and other atrocities that he and his companions described in their own words and in their diaries.

 In the letter addressed to the city, the groups point out that Columbus even did horrific things to Native infants.

“Dominican Friar Bartolome De Las Casas recorded that Columbus hung Native people in rows of thirteen to honor Christ and his disciples, and further that Columbus had his men feed Native infants to dogs,” the letter reads.
FIA says that Native Americans first asked for the statue to be removed in 1991, and spoke before council about the inhumanity that Columbus represents. But in the ensuing 31 years, the Indigenous people have only been met with resistance from the city. At a protest against the statue two years ago, Tampa Police Department officers surrounded the statue to protect it after it was covered in fake blood.

And leading up to that protest, TPD officers used taxpayer money to guard the statue morning and night after it had been tagged “BLM” and other messages during the George Floyd uprising.
In 2021, Governor Ron DeSantis passed a law making it a felony for protestors to tear down or damage historical statutes, which would include Columbus statues and confederate monuments.

Do to DeSantis and the TPD what Columbus did his victims!

FIA says that Columbus’ horrific and inhumane treatment of Indigenous Peoples endures today in America as Native women are **** and murdered near camps full of men that are established for fracking operations.

And recently, thousands of Native children have been discovered in mass graves in Canada, and many are being uncovered in the United States. The children were brutalized and killed in concentration camps called “residential boarding schools” from the mid 1800s until the late 1970s.

“The celebration of Columbus’s invasion of Caribe, Arawak, and Taino lands is a celebration of the subjugation of Indigenous Peoples and the theft of Indigenous lands,” FIA wrote. “Continuing [to] celebrate that kind of event impairs reconciliation and understanding.”

FIA said that part of ending celebrating genocide is removing monuments to the subjugation and genocide of Indigenous people. The group pointed out that in other cities, when people’s patience has run out, they’ve taken matters into their own hands and torn down Columbus statues. But the group says it hopes the City of Tampa will hear the voice of Natives and make things right before it has to reach that point.

I hope FIA has been buying plenty of firearms.