Author Topic: Statue decolonization  (Read 4240 times)


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Re: Statue decolonization
« Reply #30 on: October 24, 2020, 11:53:14 pm »
Our enemies report our success:

The war on white heritage is afoot across Latin America. My father's homeland, Chile is no exception. The main target has been Pedro de Valdivia, Chile's foremost "founding conquistador." Every corner of Chile has something named for him: a street, a bridge, a school, a plaza, etc. And there is no shortage of statues, murals, and busts of him, either.

Here's a photo of a "Valdivia felling" in Concepción—the third largest city in the country and the de facto capital of the Chilean south.

The tweet reads:

    #Valdivia / ONE OF LIFE'S PARADOXES: Marchers make off with the bust of Pedro de Valdivia, taken from Pedro de Valdivia Plaza, then threw the bust off of Pedro de Valdivia Bridge into the Valdivia River, in the city of Valdivia.