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Was Mahatma Gandhi racist? | The Stream
The University of Ghana has removed a statue of the Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi, citing complaints from faculty and students that he was racist toward black Africans. The statue was donated to the university in 2016 by the Indian government, prompting critics to create the hashtag #GandhiMustFall to draw attention to derogatory statements the young Gandhi had written while living in South Africa.

Gandhi is considered an icon of social justice and defenders of his legacy contend that his writings, while ignorant, should be considered within the greater context of his life and struggle against oppression. Organisers of the hashtag campaign argue that Gandhi’s legacy doesn’t justify racism or his view that Africans were “inferior”.

In this episode, we speak with Gandhi historians and #GandhiMustFall campaigners to explore the impact of Mahatma Gandhi’s reported racism on his legacy as a champion of civil rights. Join the conversation.

Mahatma Gandhi's Statue Vandalised In London Amid Black Lives Matter Protest
Days after the desecration of a Mahatma Gandhi statue US capital Washington DC during George Floyd protests, protestors in Parliament Square, London, targeted a Gandhi statue on the other side of the Atlantic, spraying 'racist' on its foundation and splattering it with white paint. During the George Floyd protests in Parliament Square, which has emerged as one of the major hubs of protests in London, some miscreants took to defiling the statues located along the main square.

The main square holds statues of some historically respected figures of political movement including Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Most of the statues along the main square were defiled with words such as 'racist' spray-painted on them, while some saw placards of the Black Lives Matter movement being hung around their necks.