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The Stone Battle Axe of Neolithic Europe
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The Stone Battle Axe of Neolithic Europe
The stone battle-axe was the most important weapon of Early Bronze Age Europe.

These weapons were used for a thousand years by peoples from the Baltic to the Atlantic. But where and when were they invented, who were the people who wielded them, and how were they used?

And are they the real Mjölnir, the weapon wielded by the Norse thunder god, Thor?

Interestingly, it would seem that Aryanists are some of the few that have never claimed Aryans\neolithic farmers were necessarily a peaceful people that did not conquer lands themselves, nor have they ever claimed that Aryans went extinct merely because they were in turn conquered by other non-Aryan peoples from the steppes, but rather that Aryans mainly went extinct because they mixed their blood with non-Aryans. Hitler also makes this same argument in Mein Kampf by intuition alone it would appear.