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Re: Turanian diffusion
« on: November 16, 2020, 11:47:41 pm »

"The population history of the Eastern Steppe is one marked by the repeated mixing of diverse eastern and western Eurasian gene pools," they wrote. "However, rather than simple waves of migration, demographic events on the Eastern Steppe have been complex and variable."

Their results suggested that hunter-gatherer individuals from the area were genetically related to hunter-gatherers from sites in the Russian Far East and western Baikal area around the same time, for example, together forming an "Ancient Northeast Asian" group.

The genetic data also pointed to an Early Bronze Age expansion of pastoralist herding populations from the Western Steppe into Mongolia, the team reported. By the Late Bronze Age, meanwhile, Mongolian populations were marked by ancestry from three different groups known for dairy pastoralism that mixed with one another in the lead up to the emergence of the Xiongnu Empire.

It is simpler to call them all Turanians.