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Re: Turanian diffusion
« on: July 07, 2021, 02:56:07 am »

A recent genomic study of a single IA site reported Steppe-related ancestry in eastern Xinjiang (26). Ancient genomic studies in regions around Xinjiang, mostly in the Steppe region, further support the widespread population movement and admixture of western Steppe–related ancestry in the IA (21).
All the ancient Xinjiang samples lie on a cline extending from the NEA populations to the central Steppe and European clusters (Fig. 2A and fig. S5), suggesting that these ancient Xinjiang populations had varying degrees of relatedness to NEA, central Steppe, and European populations.
Therefore, the mitogenomic history of Xinjiang was heavily marked by western Steppe–related, central Steppe, northeastern Asian, and Turan introgression, and a confederation of different ancient populations is quite visible from the BA to HE periods. This admixture formed the foundation of present-day populations in Xinjiang, and future studies with ancient genomic data will reveal more admixture patterns in this region.

And now the good news:

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