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The First Great Plague: A Neolithic Apocalypse?
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The First Great Plague: A Neolithic Apocalypse?
What caused the Neolithic Decline in Europe? Was it the first great plague in history? And if so, did it cause a Neolithic apocalypse?

In the 4th Millennium BC, Neolithic Europe experienced a sustained decline. By about 3000 BC Western Steppe Herders like the Yamnaya and related groups migrated west into Europe, changing the genetics and culture forever, and bringing about the Bronze Age.

The male lineages of Neolithic Europe came to an end as the steppe herders had offspring with the Neolithic farmer women. Did this only happen because the settled farmers had already been brought to their knees by waves of plague?

In this video we look at the first recorded samples of the plague - Yersinia Pestis - the same bacterium that caused the Black Death and the Plague of Justinian and Bronze Age plagues.

Did the disease first become dangerous in the vast proto-cities of the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture in Eastern Europe?

As Hitler pointed out in Mein Kampf, this is what happens when Aryans mix their blood with non-Aryans, it results in the death of Aryan culture and Aryans themselves.

Had Aryans never mixed their blood with non-Aryans then the concept of the nation-state would never have been perverted by hunter-gatherers and herders.

This is what hunter-gatherer and herder perversion of the nation-state concept ultimately manifests as:
Which in turn diminishes the nation-state and returns humanity to tribalism. Tribalism and nationalism are mutually exclusive!

(And some probably wonder why Aryans such as 90SRF are so pro-lockdown and masks in regards to the covid-19 pandemic. Now you know! LOL!)