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Re: Ethnonepotism
« on: March 03, 2022, 03:20:44 am »

Watching European nations open their arms to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians in less than a week, the father of three can't help but compare their fates.

"We are wondering, why were Ukrainians welcome in all countries while we, Syrian refugees, are still in tents and remain under the snow, facing death, and no one is looking to us?" he told Reuters in a refugee centre where 25 families are sheltered on the edge of the Mediterranean city of Sidon.

In the Arab world, where 12 million Syrians have been uprooted by war, critics ranging from Hariri to activists and cartoonists contrast the Western reaction to the refugee crisis triggered by Russia's invasion of Ukraine with the way Europe sought to hold back Syrian and other refugees in 2015.

Some recalled images of refugees walking for days in harsh weather, or losing lives in perilous sea crossings as they tried to breach Europe's borders.

On Monday, four days after Russia launched its attack, the European Union said at least 400,000 refugees had entered the bloc from Ukraine, which has land borders with four EU states.

Millions more are expected and the EU is preparing measures which would offer temporary residence permits as well as access to employment and social welfare - a swift opening of its doors at odds with its response to wars in Syria and elsewhere.

Where are the usual voices complaining that flooding the market with labour will lower wages, and that providing social services to people who never paid taxes into the system is foolish? They are suddenly all looking the other way now that the beneficiaries are "whites".

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