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What are these rightists even talking about?

Actress says Microsoft Word is practicing fascism
Microsoft Word has gone woke with their latest update. Now the tech will highlight snowflake offensive words and suggest something more politically correct. Also, the folks at U.C. Irvine have put out a list of words to use to be "inclusive" and words that are banned. The usual suspects are included. Well, actress and author, Sam Sorbo, says this is just a form of “word fascism.” Ford O’Connell also weighs in.

See also:
'I'm Not A Socialist!' Biden Says That Despite His Friendship With Bernie Sanders, He's A Capitalist
In a Kansas event, touting his recently passed infrastructure bill, President Biden said that despite his good friendship with Senator Bernie Sanders, he's still a capitalist and not a socialist.

Insult after insult
All of Trump's ugly campaign rhetoric in one place
The candidate's vitriol, invectives and crass commentary have changed the rules of political discourse. From referencing a television host's menstrual cycle to using vulgar phrases to describe opponents to his encouragement of violence at rallies, Trump's insults have known no bounds — and have been a dominant storyline of the campaign.

Never forget these types of people killed Socrates for simply proving they don't know what the **** they're talking about. Nothing new under the sun, same ol' shyte that has been plaguing good people since the dawn of civilization:

Socrates and the Socratic Paradox: I Know That I Know Nothing
Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates upset many people in his day by questioning their knowledge. This brief introduction to his thinking outlines how asking ‘why’ led to his death.

Why are most people such lazy-brained dimwits?