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We are excited to have Kyle Rittenhouse on the show! He shared who he was before the protests in Kenosha, how his world has changed, and what he's up to next! Become a Daily Wire member to watch the full interview

Amazing all the non-"white" commenters in the post aye!? There are none from as far as I can tell...

Three good comments that are not praising Kyle:
How this guy has become some sort of celebrity is beyond me. The fact that he has bought into the celebration of his verdict and hype from a particular group says alot about who he is. Yes, it was ruled as self defense but still people died from a gun he used. You'd think he would stay away from the limelight and go live a quiet life in peace. Allowing himself to be used as a political pawn is rather very unfortunate. And those of you celebrating him like he won an Olympic gold clearly have no sense of self awareness
You people realize that this kid is famous simply for not going to jail for killing two people, and now you are making him a hero? What has he done that's worth admiring? I guess he talks to your twisted sense of what "freedom" means.
The Kenosha Kid returns to the political saloon to tell more tales of the wild wild left.
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