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Re: Mainstream media rightist bias
« on: February 28, 2022, 08:35:52 pm »

Some academics have noted that in certain French media outlets, Ukrainians fleeing their country were “refugees,” but Afghans doing the same in August and September were “migrants.”

There is a term for this type of double-standard.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked the world as the largest cross-border European conflict in decades. But some observers see a troubling tone creeping into how some media outlets have attempted to contextualize it, describing Ukraine as more “civilized” than other countries, such as Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria.

In reality, of course:

"Ukraine is more civilized" = "Trump won the 2020 election"

Such coverage resorts to “Orientalist concepts of ‘civilization’ that have long been present in European colonial discourse,” said Denijal Jegic, a postdoctoral researcher in communication and multimedia journalism at Lebanese American University in Beirut, in an interview. “This implicitly suggests that war is a natural phenomenon in places outside of the Euro-American sphere, and the Middle East in particular, and that war would take place because of a lack of civilization, rather than due to unjust geopolitical power distribution or foreign intervention.”
Philip Seib, professor emeritus of journalism and public diplomacy at the University of Southern California and author of “Information at War: Journalism, Disinformation, and Modern Warfare,” said such disparities in reporting have historical roots. “One of the most striking examples came in the 1990s, when tens of thousands of White people were dying in the Balkans and hundreds of thousands of Black people were dying in Rwanda, and the Balkans got much more coverage,” Seib said.

Yes, this is another good example.