Author Topic: Mainstream media rightist bias  (Read 671 times)


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Re: Mainstream media rightist bias
« on: March 06, 2022, 02:22:53 am »

World public opinion was shocked when a reporter from CBS said that Ukraine is “European, therefore, civilized” insinuating that the Ukrainians deserve, therefore, special treatment and unique refugee crisis management.

The same reporter added, while warning that he was choosing his words and was being careful, “this is not Iraq nor Afghanistan.” The Afro-American comedian, Trevor Noah, joked about this (in one of his moments of black humor) wondering: “he said all of this while choosing his words! Oh, my God.”

If he were not being careful nor choosing his words, what would he have said? Would he say, “these are white, blue eyed, civilized Europeans, unlike the uncouth and backward colored Iraqis and Afghanis who don’t know how to be targets of US, Al Qaeda and Taliban fire, and can never be good refugees?” Maybe not, but the moment was eerie—of someone trying not to be racist only to end up saying the most blatant racist thing.
The CBS reporter was not alone. Some French commentators joined the chorus of those saying, “this is Ukraine,” “this is civilization,” “this is Europe;” you can almost hear their thought: “when you are blue-eyed you are a better refugee.”
Racism shows itself not in normal situations when people painstakingly hide their real attitudes but in dire situations, i.e. when the specter of war is at the doorstep of Europe again, something unseen since WWII. When fear and anguish overcome reason, the demons of bigotry find their way to the surface.

The Hungarian photographer could not help but kick a Syrian refugee a few years ago although her role was to report an event rather than prevent it. In the heat of action, visceral reactions overcome calm and professional attitudes.

We had a blog post about this:

Do you think she would have similarly kicked and tripped "white" Ukrainian refugees? If you do, stop lying to yourself.

If reporters, journalists, and commentators lead the way in reproducing an orientalist rhetoric of racism and ethnocentrism, what will the layman say or do?

Physically throw "non-white" refugees off trains and buses? Oh wait.....