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Re: Olympics
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What a slap in the face the Kamila Valieva decision is for athletes who don't cheat

BEIJING – What a dark day this is for the Olympic Games and the thousands of athletes who play by the rules and do not cheat by taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport has spoken, and it has made an awful decision: Russia’s 15-year-old superstar Kamila Valieva, who tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug less than two months ago, will be allowed to continue to compete in the Beijing Winter Olympics.
It was a remarkable few hours at these Olympic Games. What a slap in the face the CAS decision was for every athlete everywhere who has done the right thing, who has asked to be tested more to prove they are not cheating, who have lived their lives for a level playing field, people like Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps and Michelle Kwan.

And what a devastatingly awful message this is to the Russians: Keep doping, especially your minor athletes. You’ll get away with it on a technicality every time.

The Olympic Games lost today. Clean sport lost. Cheating won. Russia’s state-sponsored doping system won. The bad guys won.

My thoughts exactly. I only differ in that I, unlike this author, have no sympathy for Valieva herself:

It’s natural to have two conflicting thoughts on the status of this 15-year-old: sadness and anger on her behalf for what the adults in her life did to her, and even more sadness and anger about a decision allowing someone who used an illegal substance to continue to compete in these Games.

You can feel sorry for Valieva and still know that the CAS decision is wrong, very wrong.

No. Nothing is stopping Valieva from deciding herself to withdraw from competition in order to avoid exercising her unfair advantage over the other competitors. This would have been the unhesitating response of any honourable athlete after discovering that they have been receiving performance-enhancing drugs. But she has not withdrawn. This makes her no better than the rest of the dopers. She may or may not have initially decided to be doped, but she sure has no problems reaping the benefits of doping!

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