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Re: Olympics
« Reply #30 on: February 16, 2022, 01:15:11 am »

Russian Speed Skater Gives The Double Bird After Beating Americans At Winter Olympics

Not only do the Russians, excuse me, the ROC have a figure skater who got popped with PED’s wreaking havoc in Beijing, they’ve also got speed skaters throwing up the double-bird when crossing the finish line.

Russian speed skater Daniil Aldoshkin helped knock off the Americans in the semi-finals and as he crossed the line, he threw up not one, but two middle fingers to celebrate the win.
“I threw up my hands,” he said afterward, according to Press United. “I have the first medal, the first Olympics. I didn’t mean anything like that. I’m sorry if this offended anyone.”

Nobody in world history has ever thrown up the double-bird with no intention to offend anyone, but I guess we have to take the Russian’s word for it.

After all, the Russians have always been extremely honest and truthful when it comes to sports, especially at the Olympics.

Again, how much more Turanian arrogance are we going to put up with?