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'Desperation': Ex-intelligence chief on Putin's decision
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reacts to indications that Russia is poised to deploy up to 1,000 more mercenaries to Ukraine. #CNN #News

At this point a no-artillery zone would be better than a no-fly zone....
This is kinda like the Balkans on steroids when we tolerated the slaughter of Muslims for some time before we eventually got involved. Now, this is a different situation no doubt about it....

The Failed Logistics of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

State Department: "All Americans Should Leave Russia Now"
U.S. and NATO face growing pressure from Ukraine to impose a no-fly zone. President Vladmir Putin says Russia will consider any country that imposes a no-fly zone is an attack on Russia. Now, the U.S. State Department has put out a travel warning saying all U.S. citizens should leave Russia immediately.

This could be a run-up to a complete diplomatic break with Russia....

Putin likens sanctions to ‘declaration of war’
In his first extended remarks about the war since the invasion began, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on March 5 that harsh international sanctions against Russia were like a ‘declaration of war.’

Cease-fire collapses as Russians continue to assault Ukraine
Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin has likened President Biden's most recent sanctions to an act of "declaring war."

Russia could take Ukraine war to space
CNBC's Morgan Brennan joins The News with Shepard Smith to report that Russia is refusing to deliver satellites to space without guarantees they won't be used against Moscow in its war against Ukraine.

Here's what expert has to say about Russian President Vladimir Putin's endgame in Ukraine | WION
After 10 days of intense fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian Armies, Russia had declared a temporary ceasefire in Ukraine to help open humanitarian corridors. However, Kyiv says that Moscow has violated the temporary ceasefire.

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