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Let's talk about a teachable moment about race from Ukraine....

there are plenty of reasons to hate people, skin color shouldn't be one of them... get to know someone before you hate them!
Thank God a lot of people obviously aren't listening to Westerners in regards to 'hate' anymore! Common sense still exists!
Exactly. Make them earn it individually!
Unless they are part of a group that deserves hate of course! Then you do not need to treat them as individuals!
I'm from Europe, Netherlands, and sadly you're correct.
It was shocking to see, but I was not surprised, because I saw how the Syrian and Afghan refugees were treated.
I'm deeply ashamed of this.
Unfortunately tragedy like this often brings out the worst in people. As humans we must stop othering people.
Indeed! By claiming to be a "human-being" rather than just a 'human' you are already "othering people"!
The energy generated by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine needs to be capitalized upon in order to help ALL refugees, regardless of race or religion.
Well, minus groups or individuals who refused to help refugees of course, should they happen to become refugees themselves in the near future. Which looks like it could very well happen sooner than later!
Afghanistan. Iraq. Yemen. Syria. The Palestinians. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.