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Re: Ukraine
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Russia invaded Ukraine more than a week ago, by land, air and sea, following weeks of tension, sending thousands to various borders to evacuate the country. African citizens living in Ukraine have reported incidents of racist discrimination and abuse at the border, which can include beatings, being denied entry to trains or being left stranded in border towns.

“There was a gap in the access Black people and brown people were getting. There was no one offering their homes to Black people, no one offering to pick up the Black individuals,” Daley told NBC News.
Sky said that what should have been a nine-hour journey to Lviv to board a train to a border town on the outskirts of Ukraine ended up taking 24 hours because of traffic and Ukrainian officials stopping the group nearly 10 times to check their documents.

The four were initially headed to the Polish border but had heard from peers that Black people at the border village of Medyka had faced severe racism. So Sky and the group decided to seek refuge in Romania, but treatment there was no better. Sky said just before they could cross the border into Romania, she and her fellow Africans were told to leave the line. They were then told to go to a separate line, where she said they stood for at least nine hours.

“It clicked at that point that it was segregation. I realized there was a nonwhite queue and a white queue,” Sky said. “The language is, ‘It’s because you’re not Ukrainian.’ But that basically means, ‘It’s because you’re not white.’ "

Sky documented her journey on her Twitter feed while sharing information and resources for other Black people in the area. Sky and Daley said taxi drivers would hike prices for those fleeing, charging hundreds for transportation to border towns.

There were other stories about taxi drivers transporting "whites" for free! So now you know who really paid for the fuel for the "white" passengers' journeys!