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Ukraine War: 'Germany's position is irrational', says Lt. Col. (Ret) Alexander Vindman | DW News
US Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman was the director for European affairs for the US National Security Council under former President Donald Trump. He testified in Congress on Trumpís attempts to influence Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky to investigate Trumpís rival, Joe Biden; his statements were instrumental in Trumpís impeachment. 

Vindman was born in Ukraine and served for the US military in Iraq, earning a Purple Heart for his service. He is an expert on defense and security. He connected with DW Washington Correspondent Sumi Somaskanda on the war in Ukraine, the West, and lessons learned.

Had Westerners not rammed USSR anti-German propaganda down the throats of German's after WWII then the German nation would never have felt a false sense of empathy for Russia in the first place! This false sense of empathy for Russia after WWII is a direct product of the Soviet denazification of Germany!

Russia reveals larger goal of full control of southern Ukraine
Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, joins The News with Shepard Smith to discuss Russia's newly-stated goal of taking over all of southern Ukraine.

Precisely. Ukrainians will have enough heavy weapons at that point to push the Russian line back in the other direction, whilst the Russian troops will be completely spent by then!

Ukraine: Russia shifts elite troops from Mariupol to new battleground
Ukrainian authorities say Russia has shifted a dozen crack units from the shattered port of Mariupol to eastern Ukraine and is pounding away at cities across the region.

There has been speculation in regards to Putin's health for some time now....

Does Putin's Mystery Illness Spell Disaster For Ukraine?

I would remind everyone that Putin did state at some point (forgotten where I read it now) that he broke his arm in a street fight in Berlin when he was stationed there as a KGB agent.