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Re: Human Lives and Empathy
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2022, 03:25:43 am »
"Today's view say that anything which improve human comfort  considered as empathy"

The correct term for what you are describing is indulgence.

"whereas anything which reduce human's comfort and happiness considered as "barbaric", "evil", and "unempathic".

The correct term here is anti-indulgent. It is indulgence which is barbaric. Austerity and asceticism been associated with personal cultivation and refinement since ancient times.

Anti-indulgence is the truly empathic attitude, as we should feel guilty to indulge when we remember the cruel victimization that occurred in the past in order to make indulgence possible in the present. For example, knowing a comfort-enhancing product was developed via experimentation on animals (who did not consent to being experimented upon), we would not want to use that product even though all the experimentation is now over. Similarly, what about all the children violently forced into Western compulsory schooling for the last few centuries just so that a small fraction of the adults they eventually grew up to be applied their knowledge (founded on the same compulsory schooling) to invent comfort-enhancing machines? How can we want to indulge in modernity when we remember this? And so on.

From the perspective of empathy, anti-indulgence is solidarity with the victims of violence from the past.

(In contrast, barbarians often do not even remember the victims of their own initiated violence, let alone victims of violence initiated by others from long ago.)
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