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"Thailand has just authorised vaccination for 6-month to 4-year-old."

Anyone who vaccinates or otherwise forcefully subjects any children to any other medical torture needs to be beheaded ASAP.

As for these vaccines, don't take them at all! Just lockdown everyone until the diseases dies out, no exceptions! It's that simple!

90sRetroFan, do you think people who are vaccinated with COVID-19 or even vaccinated for that matter, should be allowed to reproduce? The COVID-19 vaccine really messes with one's immune system and has been known to increase diseases in people as well.

I am well-aware that you eventually want everyone to not reproduce at all.

I also apply this to the whole medical system as well. Don't even get doctor's checkups (including that of dentists or eye doctors) unless absolutely needed.

People should realize that if you have high dietary fiber and have a healthy vegan diet, you can easily prevent getting sick, since dietary fiber easily prevents appendicitis. Western diets have little to no dietary fiber in almost every meal, and they wonder why they have high rates of appendicitis.

Even tonsillitis can be easily prevented with sunshine and a vegan diet.