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Re: Vaccination
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POTS, a debilitating heart condition, is linked to Covid and, to a lesser degree, vaccines
One of the earlier discoveries with long Covid was that it could be associated with POTS and this new research builds on that, said lead study author Dr. Alan Kwan, a cardiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

POTS was also linked, to a lesser degree, to Covid vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, according to the new study.

So, will they draw the correct conclusion? Of course not:

“The main message here is that while we see a potential link between Covid-19 vaccination and POTS, preventing Covid-19 through vaccination is still the best way to reduce your risk of developing POTS,”

It’s unclear why the Covid vaccines would trigger the condition, Kwan said, but added that it could be related to the immune response generated by the shots.

Dr. Ofer Levy, the director of the Precision Vaccines Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, agreed.

He noted that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines have been linked to a small risk of myocarditis. That condition, he said, may also be related to the immune response generated by the shots.

Duh! Yet guess their reaction:

Researchers should further explore the immune response to shots, because “the better we understand how the adverse events work, the smarter we can become in designing better vaccines in the future,” Levy said.