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Re: jewishness
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"So israelites believe that there god's(yhvh) chosen or god's(yhvh) favorite, and they use this belief as justification to act and behave in whatever way they want?"

Yes. OK, not quite in whatever way they want; they do have to follow Yahweh's instructions. But Yahweh's instructions are:

"and any type of people can express the isrealite tendency, although it is most strongly expressed by the jews"

And to add to the confusion, some non-Jews (e.g. Kanye) who claim to be Israelites however do not claim to be Jews, but instead claim that Jews are fake Israelites.

Who in their right mind would want anything to do with words such as the ones above?


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Re: jewishness
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the grand slave master of the universe yhvh has extended his slave master powers (illusion & terror) to his sons Isreal so that they can rule as slave masters on earth. It's a terrible fate having to be born and having to live in the land of zion
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