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Re: "Royal" Family hate thread
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Prince William Says African Population Pressures Affect Continent’s Wildlife Conservation Efforts, Critics Say Remarks are ‘Underpinned By Race and Class Prejudice’
Prince William is under fire after making a comment about population effects on wild habitats in Africa. Critics are saying the British royal has no standing to comment on the topic.
Another Twitter follower urged William to pay closer attention to what Armstrong said was Europeans’ effect on the reduction of African wildlife. He said, “By far the greatest losses of wildlife in Africa occurred in the early 1900s when Europeans arrived with guns and hunted across the continent. To blame African civilians is to totally misunderstand African history.”

Dr. John Njenga Karugia, a lecturer and researcher at Goethe University of Frankfurt, equated Prince William’s opinion with “sewage.”

“Mr. William has no moral authority to say anything about Africa or about Africans and their lives,” He tweeted. He should spend his time reading good history books and raising his many children and spending time with his very huge family spread out across the world.

We should spend our time hunting down with guns William's very huge family spread out across the world.