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Re: "Royal" Family hate thread
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The Dutch king, Willem-Alexander, has announced that he is mothballing – at least for now – the royal golden coach which has been embroiled in a racism controversy.

The opulent horse-drawn carriage, called De Gouden Koets, has traditionally transported the Dutch monarch to the opening of parliament and other state occasions, but has not been used since 2015.

At the centre of the slavery controversy is a picture on the left-side panel of the golden coach.

Called “Tribute of the Colonies”, the image depicts kneeling black people handing over produce like cocoa and sugarcane to their white masters – including to a young white woman on a throne representing the Netherlands.

Next to her, a young white man is seen giving a young black boy a book as he is presented by his subservient father, an image which painter Nicolaas van der Waay in 1896 said was meant to portray “civilisation”.

“We cannot rewrite the past,” the Dutch king said an official video.

But “we can try to accept it together. This also applies to the colonial past,” he added.

Or we can try to eliminate the bloodlines that created it. Wilhelm-Alexander obviously has been of no voluntary help in this regard (see previous post).

Previous coverage:

More about Wilhelm-Alexander:

Willem-Alexander is an avid pilot and has said that if he had not been a royal, he would have liked to be an airline pilot so he could fly internationally on large-sized aircraft such as the Boeing 747.[21] During the reign of his mother, he regularly flew the Dutch royal aircraft on trips.[22] However, in May 2017, Willem-Alexander revealed that he had served as a first officer on KLM flights for 21 years, flying KLM Cityhopper's Fokker 70s twice a month, even after his accession to the throne. Following KLM's phased retirement of the Fokker 70, he began training to fly Boeing 737s.
After contacting Mozambican President Armando Guebuza to verify that the Mozambican government had no objections, the couple decided to invest in two villas.[33] In 2009, controversy erupted in parliament and the press about the project and the prince's involvement.[33] Politician Alexander Pechtold questioned the morality of building such a resort in a poor country like Mozambique.

What else do you expect from a Western colonialist bloodline?
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