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Re: "Royal" Family hate thread
« Reply #45 on: March 20, 2022, 08:50:46 pm »

Kate and William 'scrap Caribbean visit' after furious anti-colonialism protests
Members of the indigenous community around the Akte’iL Ha cacao farm in the foothills of the Maya mountains brandished signs warning the prince to "get off our land".

Critics branded the planned visit an insult and held up signs making it clear that William and Kate were not welcome.

Banners declared "not crown land", while another told the future king "Prince William leave our land".

Good, but you should not even call him "Prince". We should reserve titular address only for people who truly deserve the titles.

Planners were accused of failing to respect community leaders, with locals allegedly told the village "had to look good" for the visit.

Sebastian Shol, chairman of Indian Creek village, told the Daily Mail: "We don't want them to land on our land, that's the message that we want to send. They could land anywhere but not on our land."

Actually, they should not be allowed to land anywhere.

Village youth leader Dionisio Shol was reported to have said the way the visit was handled raised the issue of colonialism.

He said: "For us it really hits right at home because of the treatment. The organiser said we had to let them use the football field and that people were coming to our village and it had to look good.
"Giving community leaders commands did not sit well with the community."

The police were said to have refused to allow them to protest during the planned visit due to security concerns, so villagers staged a demonstration including banners that read 'Prince William leave our land' and 'Colonial legacy of theft continues with Prince and FFI'.

People in Indian Creek, which has a population of fewer than 1,000 people have been in conflict with Flora and Fauna International (FFI), which owns another nearby contested property to the sustainable farm, and William is a patron of the charity since 2020 - the latest royal to back the organisation which began with George Vl.

The simple fact that William named his eldest son George (or indeed that he reproduced at all) shows he feels absolutely no remorse for his ancestors' behaviour.