Author Topic: "Royal" Family hate thread  (Read 3101 times)


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Re: "Royal" Family hate thread
« on: March 14, 2021, 04:15:46 am »
I wanted to elaborate on this post here:
Funny kids video criticizing colonialism:

I like that the actress was able to capture the haggard, ugly, look of Victoria. Speaking of which, why are the British "Royals" all so butt-ugly? ;D ;D

Contrast this with the mythical Queen of Camelot, Guinievere, whose exceptional beauty was nothing short of a goddess:

Here are some examples of the subhuman aesthetics of the "Royals" (feel free to add yours):

"Prince" William:

"Prince" Phillip (aka the walking corpse):

"Queen" Victoria (aka the witch of windsor):

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