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Re: Abortion
« on: June 26, 2022, 08:51:58 pm »
Prevention is better than cure. With rigorously implemented state control over conception, the only scenario I can imagine in which abortion would be required is in the case of severe deformation:

I cannot endorse a policy of abortion even of illegally conceived children, because the children cannot consent to this either, any more than they can consent to being conceived in the first place. (I would only support abortion of children who are so severely deformed that they would be physically incapable of expressing a wish for euthanasia after birth.) It is precisely because abortion is NOT an ethically acceptable option for us that we must be absolutely merciless in punishing conception.

In the case of illegal conceptions where the conceivers are not racially dangerous, I would execute the impregnator at once, let the child be born and then execute the carrier.

In the case of illegal conceptions where the carrier is racially dangerous, I would execute the carrier with the child still unborn. While this would result in the child dying also, it is technically not abortion in the sense that the child was not sacrificed to convenience the carrier. Instead the child can die at least knowing that their oppressor did not escape either. The child will be recognized as a martyr.

The worst scenario is when the impregnator is judged to be racially dangerous but the carrier is innocent (e.g. **** victim). I would execute the impregnator and then try to persuade the carrier to voluntarily commit suicide (with martyr recognition for both themselves and the unborn child). If persuasion fails, I would let the child be born but keep the child under special observation to ensure no further bloodline transmission occurs.

You are welcome to describe other potential scenarios that we might have to deal with, and I will try to respond.

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