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Where life begins is a gray area. The bible says first breath. The Quran says four months. But abortion still causes harm, and it should be treated as a medical issue like drug addiction. In our current situation, criminalization would create more problems than it would ever solve. The best way to reduce abortions is comprehensive sex education, contraception, and better childcare services. That's the real pro-life position.

You mean by the Bible, you mean the TanakhOld Testament. The teachings of Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him) himself doesn't specify when life starts.

Even with the Old TestamentTanakh, Jews and Judeo-Christians are strongly divided on when life begins. Jews are some of the most pro-choice people out there, compared to Judeo-Christians (with few exceptions on both sides).

I'd say once we are Aryanized enough, we (re)-implement asexual reproduction in humans, and make it mandatory.

In the meantime, I'd say we should also implement reproduction licensing or a kind of reproduction passport some time in the near future. They would have to get approval from the government before having sexual intercourse, let alone reproducing.

I'd even go so far to say implement reproduction theaters, where the act of procreation or even any kind of sexual intercourse would be mandated to take place only in theaters, after the couple who reproduces, is approved to reproduce.