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« on: July 15, 2020, 11:38:06 pm »
More Black Guns Matter:

Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter, has taken another tack: Advocating for Black Americans to take up arms for self-defense.

While many argue that the way to prevent violence is to have fewer guns, he says the opposite.

"I believe that more Black people would be alive if they were armed," Toure told Business Insider Weekly.

"So when I hear 'unarmed Black man,' I'm sad," he added, "because there should be no such thing."

I agree. And the same applies to all "non-whites" (which does not include Jews).

At his class, he demonstrated for crowds proper firearm technique, ran through attacker scenarios, and occasionally challenged the views of spectators who disagreed with his approach.

One common criticism is that gun ownership alone is not enough to protect Black Americans from a criminal justice system perceived as systemically racist.

"What we do know is that when Black people do have guns, they are still shot and killed by police or by other bystanders," said Amber Goodwin, founder and executive director of the Community Justice Action Fund.

"Breonna Taylor her boyfriend Pat was lawfully owning a gun, and she was still shot and killed. And so I think the issue was larger than just give people Black people guns."

This is true. Which is why I keep saying that the correct strategic way to use firearms is not as a defensive weapon but as a counteroffensive weapon. The correct reaction to police brutality is a sniper operation targeting the perpetrators and their corrupt superiors who do not punish them. That is what the Second Amendment is really for. To assume that firearm ownership is about on-the-spot reaction to being shot at misses the point.

One thing he repeats: Systemic racism has stacked the rules around gun control against Black people.

"I pick my words very carefully: All gun control is racist," Toure said. "Whether they change it to make it look like, you know, you got to pay a fee, you got to do this, you do that."

Historians say the links between gun control and racial discrimination go back to slavery and, later, Black Code laws that forbade African Americans from owning guns.

"Gun control in America was initially created to stop melanated beings from having arms," Toure said.