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Re: Firearms
« on: July 23, 2020, 08:29:40 pm »
False Leftist naivety/stupidity on full display:

Mike Prysner @MikePrysner Jul 22
It doesn’t matter what kind of decked-out assault rifles these goons bring to our cities; if we hone and sharpen our weapons of mass action, anti-racist solidarity & class unity, they’ll be running scared like they were a month ago.

“Weapons of mass action”
Read that one more time. Yes, this is actually a real statement from a self-proclaimed “leftist”. This idiot wants us to believe that militarized police forces can be fought with “weapons of mass solidarity”. These False Leftists are going to get “non-whites” killed, but then again maybe they don’t care since they are “white” themselves and have reproduced.