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Glad to clear that up.

Yes, Putin uses the term "Western" to mean Counterculture, which was in fact an anti-Western movement. So when Putin says "Russia is not a Western country", he means "Russia was not a country affected by the Counterculture era", which actually implies that Russia is at least more Western than any country affected by the Counterculture era!

Dugin is much clearer on this:

Dugin admits that - just as I have long accused him - he is a Westerner after all (he merely dislikes the Counterculture era):

    PR: There are people who say that you are anti-Western.

    AD: No, I donít agree. I am not anti-Western. I am anti-liberal. In fact, I love the West. I have written eight volumes dedicated to Western culture, Western philosophy. I have written two volumes on Greek and Byzantine culture; a volume on Latin culture; a volume on Germany; a volume on France; a volume on England; a volume on America, including North America. I am interested in the Western logos; I study it; it is extraordinarily complicated. I donít only criticize it, I know it and understand it deeply. Until a certain moment when this liberal, globalist ideology triumphed, the West was a jewel. The West produced daring thought, beautiful thought, sunny thought. It had everything. Until the 1980s. What happened in the West in the 80s affected universities, art, mass media, all of society. I consider that contemporary Europe is an anti-Europe. I simply cannot accept the West in its current condition, at the end of modernity. I find that I have more sympathizers in Western cultural circles than in Russian ones. The West is my spiritual, intellectual motherland. Thatís not to mention Western European culture, which I admire. I know all the so-called Ďcursedí French poets by heart. I love English culture. Iím not some evil Russian peasant who hates the West. I know European languages quite well. I know the West, I live my life through it. One can even say that I love the West.

I of course love the Counterculture era, which I academically agree with Dugin is anti-Western - that's what I love about it!
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