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Newsmax Lists Ben Shapiro As A Black Conservative  ;D
"Newsmax host Greg Kelly included Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro—who is very much not Black—among a list of Black conservatives on Tuesday night, going so far as to describe Shapiro as “one of the heroes” of the Black conservative movement.

Kelly, who recently claimed there hasn’t been a “substantial” white supremacist demonstration in a century, once again took issue with mainstream media figures and politicians discussing the continuing impact of systemic racism in America. According to the cartoonishly MAGA Newsmax star, the fact that anti-racism activists have jobs and families proves that racism doesn’t exist.

“So we looked it up—all those people who just went on about systemic white racism and white supremacy, they all graduated from high school,” he declared. “They all got married and they didn’t have children out of wedlock. If only they came on television and talked about those things, they’d actually be helping people.”

The Greg Kelly Reports host then took aim at MSNBC anchor Yasmin Vossoughian for saying that systemic racism “permeates every social system that we have” in the United States.

“Now who the hell is that? And what is she talking about?” Kelly sneered. “Every system we have here it permeates, right? Systemic racism, every system. If I lived in a country where every system was systemically racist, I’d move! I really would. I didn’t join the military to defend a systemically racist country. How about that? Who is she?”

After listing off Vossoughian’s résumé for some reason, the former Fox News host wondered aloud what she and “any of those other people” would do if they met a Black conservative."