Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 12708 times)


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A convert to Judaism writes for our enemies:

liberals were making me feel like there was something wrong with me just for being white. Mr. Yiannopoulos’s commentary provided a humorous catharsis. And so began my journey through “The Insidious Libertarian-to-Alt-Right Pipeline.”

Not long after, I stumbled upon Paul Gottfried’s speech, “The Rise and Fall of the Alternative Right.” Its contents showed that there was more nuance to this so-called “alt-right” than I’d been led to believe. I asked myself, “Why aren’t major networks interviewing Paul Gottfried?”


Yiannopoulos states his maternal grandmother was Jewish.

His father was a successful furrier from Budapest, who had fled Hungary after the July Putsch of 1934. The Jewish family relocated to Bridgeport soon after his birth. Gottfried attended Yeshiva University in New York as an undergraduate

Back to enemy article:

Then I watched Jared Taylor’s video “What Is the Alt-Right?” (back when it was still on YouTube). Sentence by sentence, Mr. Taylor unraveled the worldview I’d forged at a four-year public university.
Interestingly, I may not have come to this point of view if I had not converted to Judaism and moved to Israel. By 2016, I had been living in Israel for a little over five years, and many of the alt-right’s arguments resonated with me because of my experiences here.
Once, I was on a hike in the hills of Judea and an Arab assaulted me. I chose flight over fight and ran for it, ultimately running up to the edge of a cliff. Luckily, I was not pursued any further; otherwise, I may not be writing this essay. When I told this story to American Democrats, many of them not-quite-excused my assailant by saying that he was, after all, part of a marginalized/oppressed group — as if that was some kind of justification!

It is! You stole his land!

I do not begrudge Palestinians for wanting their land back. But vae victus, or “woe to the conquered.”

In other words, you actually agree his actions were justified, but you just don't care. Because it's OK for you to be "white". (And that is precisely what is wrong with being "white".)

I feel that my converting to Judaism and moving to Israel was the whitest thing I could do. It tapped into the archetypal Faustian spirit that is otherwise lost in the sedentary suburbs — the modern refuge of the white man. Living in Israel forced me to learn a new language and adapt to a strange environment. I encountered death. I found a woman, and I passed my genes to the next generation.

I agree 100% that converting to Judaism and moving to Israel is the "whitest" thing you could do.

In 2016, I had what in Hebrew is called “cheshbon hanefesh,” literally, “an accounting of the soul.” I came to see that what the alt-right wanted was simply a mirror image of what Zionist Jews want.

I saw this by the mid-00s. I have been warning ever since that unless we stop the Alt-Right, there will soon be many more ethnostates like Israel in the world. And it is happening exactly as I warned: