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Our enemies not only regularly praise Jews, they are even (despite usually being transphobic) willing to praise a transgender Jew on account of machinism overriding transphobia in present-day rightism:

Revivicor is a subsidiary of United Therapeutics, which was founded by that guy I went to MBA school with (after he’d more or less invented satellite radio), who is now “America’s highest paid female CEO.”

Lately he’s gotten bored with transgenderism and is into transhumanist stuff like uploading your brain to a computer to live forever.
As I may have mentioned once or twice, he was the most arrogant man at the UCLA MBA school. On the other hand, he had a lot to be arrogant about. When he told me he was going to make a fortune in outer space, I didn’t believe anybody could. But he did it.

Basically, he’s lived the life of a hero from a Robert Heinlein science fiction story: make a fortune in outer space, make a second fortune saving a child you fathered by inventing the cure for her disease, change sex, start a cult, live forever, etc.

(Rothblatt’s ideology of disembodiment and technological religion seems to be having nearly as much influence on American culture as Sirius satellite radio, which Rothblatt co-founded.) Rothblatt is an integral presence at Out Leadership, a business networking arm of the LGBTQ+ movement, and appears to believe that “we are making God as we are implementing technology that is ever more all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful, and beneficent.”

We covered the pig heart vampirism here:

Rothblatt's ideology is basically:

More about Rothblatt:

Rothblatt was born 1954 into a Jewish family in Chicago, Illinois
As an undergraduate, she became a convert to Gerard K. O'Neill's "High Frontier" plan for space colonization after analyzing his 1974 Physics Today cover story on the concept as a project for Professor Harland Epps' Topics in Modern Astronomy seminar. Rothblatt subsequently became an active member of the L5 Society and its Southern California affiliate, the Organization for the Advancement of Space Industrialization and Settlement (OASIS).
Rothblatt is a well-known voice for medical and pharmaceutical innovation. In 1994, motivated by her daughter being diagnosed with life-threatening pulmonary hypertension,[22] Rothblatt created the PPH Cure Foundation and in 1996 founded United Therapeutics.[6][16]
In June 2022, Rothblatt unveiled the world's most complex 3D printed object, a human lung scaffold, based on 44 trillion [voxel]s of data and comprising four thousand kilometers of capillaries and 200 million alveoli.[27]
Rothblatt is an airplane and helicopter pilot with night-vision goggle (NVG) certification. She generally pilots a Pilatus PC-12NG and a Bell 429WLG. Her other achievements in aviation include providing current weather information to all XM radio-equipped North American aircraft via her SiriusXM satellite system, and pioneering Aircraft Geolocation Tracking via her Geostar Satellite System.[11] In 2018, Rothblatt received the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center Annual Achievement Award for innovation in rotary-wing flight.[28][29]
n September 2016, Rothblatt teamed with Glen Dromgoole of Tier 1 Engineering and pilot Ric Webb of OC Helicopters to conduct the world's first electric-powered full-size helicopter flight at Los Alamitos Army Airfield.[31][32] The helicopter, a modified Robinson R44 weighed 2,500 pounds with Webb as its test pilot, flew for five minutes, attained 400 feet and exceeded 80 knots airspeed, all completely powered by rechargeable batteries.[33]

On February 16, 2017, Rothblatt's electric helicopter established new world records of a 30-minute duration flight and an 800-foot altitude at Los Alamitos Army Airfield.[34] At the end of the flight, the 2,500 pound helicopter still had 8% state of charge remaining in its Brammo batteries. On March 4, 2017, Rothblatt and Ric Webb set a world speed record for electric helicopters of 100 knots at Los Alamitos Army Airfield under an FAA Experimental permit for tail number N3115T. This was also the first-ever flight of two people in a battery-powered helicopter.[35] On December 7, 2018, Rothblatt earned certification in the Guinness Book of World Records for the farthest distance traveled (56.82 kilometers) by an electric helicopter.[36][37]

In 2019, she received the inaugural UP Leadership Award for her advances in eVTOL technology.[38][39]
In 2004, Rothblatt launched the Terasem Movement, a transhumanist school of thought focused on promoting joy, diversity, and the prospect of technological immortality via mind uploading and geoethical nanotechnology. Through a charitable foundation, leaders of this school convene publicly accessible symposia, publish explanatory analyses, conduct demonstration projects, issue grants, and encourage public awareness and adherence to Terasem values and goals. The movement maintains a "Terasem Island" on the Internet-based virtual world Second Life, which is currently composed of two sims,[53] which was constructed by the E-Spaces company.
Through her blog Mindfiles, Mindware and Mindclones, she writes about "the coming age of our own cyberconsciousness and techno-immortality" and started a vlog together with Ulrike Reinhard on the same topic. She also created as a place where thousands of people could go to backup their minds.

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