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Reuel Abraham (born 1924), born Karl Heinz Schneider, was a Hitler Youth member and Luftwaffe pilot during World War II reported to be the first former Nazi to convert to Judaism.

Then he studied the Talmund and began killling palestinans

So to atone for his part in Nazism he went off and joined a brutal apartheid state. Cool.


Jessica Anne Krug— who pronounces her surname Cruz[2] (/kruːz/ or /kruːs/, kruuz or kruus in General American) — was raised in a Jewish family[6][9] in Overland Park, Kansas,[10] in the Kansas City metropolitan area. She graduated from the elite Barstow School,[11] a co-ed private college prep school in south Kansas City.[5] She later attended the University of Kansas without claiming to be a person of color[6][9]
Krug has made various misrepresentations concerning her race and ethnicity. She has said that she is half Algerian-American and half German-American.[30] She has also said that she is a Bronx-bred Afro-"boricua" (Afro–Puerto Rican)[8][14][31][21] and has used the name "Jess La Bombalera".[2][11] A junior scholar noticed that Krug's stated race/ethnicity had changed from part-Algerian–part-German to Afro–Puerto Rican. Word of this discrepancy reached Professor Yomaira C. Figueroa-Vásquez of Michigan State University, who, upon researching the matter, discovered that Krug came from the Kansas City area and had Jewish parents.[2]

In a September 3, 2020 blog post, Krug said: "I have eschewed my lived experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim: first North African Blackness, then US rooted Blackness, then Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness."[8][14][31][21] Krug's disclosure drew international media attention.[6][32] Her September 3 blog post went viral. By the close of that day, "a now-infamous video of Krug calling herself 'Jess La Bombalera' and speaking in a D-list imitation Bronx accent was all over the internet".[11]
Hari Ziyad, the editor of RaceBaitr, a website where Krug had published articles, said Krug had only come forward with the revelation of her racial deceptions because they had been discovered and were about to be made public against her wishes.[1] Similarly, Figueroa-Vásquez asserted that pending public revelations of Krug's true racial identity prompted her confession.[33] Figueroa, believing that Krug "took up some of the very few — very few — resources and spaces that there are available to Black and Latino scholars and use those to her advantage," called for "a form of restitution for the things that she [Krug] took. It's egregious."[34] Figueroa and Hunter College's Yarimar Bonilla called Krug's various cultural appropriations a form of minstrelsy.[3] Figueroa also noted that Krug had falsely claimed that her parents had been drug addicts and her mother a sex worker; Figueroa described Krug's actions as "preying on the white imagination, [pulling] from some of the worst stereotypes that there are about black people and Puerto Rican people, and using that as a cloak for her identity".[35]