Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 11451 times)


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« on: July 07, 2020, 11:55:34 pm »
Our enemies make our case for us:

Most of this article is just the usual rightist blog content:

I remember that some of us white kids would start laughing when the black kids would talk. In hindsight, that seems rather rude of us, but we couldn’t help it. We had never heard anyone talk like that before. This was in the days before gangsta rap brought ghetto speak to the suburbs. I had heard “jive” before in movies, particularly in the movie Airplane. But jive was kind of charming and had an endearing rhythmic quality. This was completely different. It was more guttural and their accents were so thick as to be almost unintelligible.

I remember one time, this kid Deanton threatened violence against one of the kids in my group of friends. He said “I’ll steal you ‘cross your head, boy!” But rather than feeling intimidated or threatened, we all busted out laughing. We had no idea what “steal you ‘cross your head” even meant, but it sounded funny. It seems like a very silly way to threaten someone. I’m sure where he came from, “I steal you ‘cross your head” came off with an air of foreboding. But out in the suburbs, threatening to “steal someone across their head” sounded to us like a comically absurd word salad.
But what was most painfully obvious to everyone was that the blacks were clearly not as smart as the white kids. It took them longer to learn every lesson. Sometimes, the teacher would have to sit down with one of the black kids for an extra half an hour to help them learn the lesson we learned in 10 minutes. It held the whole class up. Just having these kids around slowed the rest of us white kids down, and I’m sure being around us white kids made the black kids feel insecure and dumb.

But the part I wanted to highlight is this part:

By 5th grade, every white kid in my class was racist. One kid in my group of friends (oddly, a Jewish kid) actually became rather obsessed with hating blacks. Most of us would be annoyed with them while at school, but would forget about them at the end of the day. But this kid. . . We’d be hanging out and he would constantly say “God, I hate those blacks so much! They’re just so stupid!”

Not "oddly" at all. This is what Jewishness is all about.