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Re: China and United States Relations
« Reply #75 on: November 29, 2020, 02:15:45 am »
Chinese companies building Zionist railroads:

This is why I warned against uncritical "pro-China" False Leftists, such as Mark Ames* (Jew), Max Blumenthal (Jew), and Dan Cohen (Jew). By purporting to be "pro-China", they are forcing China to make policies that are amenable to the sensibilities of Westerners, such as building Israeli railroads. Another example of this is them peddling Orientalist stereotypes about how "Asians" wear masks** because they "respect their elders", and masking such stereotypes as "praise" for China, which the cowardly Chinese diplomats then slavishly accept.
This twitter account covers this in detail: (boy do I miss the old forum's ability to embed tweets).

Given the existence of a Chinese space program and the aforementioned details, it appears there is a slavish pro-Western sentiment among certain parts of the Chinese population. How do you suppose we tackle this?

*Ames has been exposed as a racist/PUA. I intend to cover him in the "Jews have nothing in common with us thread".

**Masks themselves are not something that we should be praising, as they contain carcinogens. I intend to cover this in the "Western Civilization is a Health Hazard thread".