Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 13461 times)


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Re: Re: China and United States Relations
« Reply #75 on: November 29, 2020, 02:32:22 am »
BTW, I have noticed that the propaganda trick of the False Leftist Jews is to claim they are "communist" (they are actually democratic socialists. I do not think there even exist actual communist Jews anymore) and therefore are "pro-China" because "China" is also "communist" (it is not). They can then infiltrate the discourse and claim that Deng Xiaoping (whom these False Leftist Jews particularly harbor animosity towards) was "pro-Capitalist" (he was not), so they can say that Dengism must be completely done away with, whereupon they can install their own system of Judeo-technocratic "socialism".

Fortunately, it appears there are True Leftists, such as the twitter account linked, who although mistakenly that Communism is good, are quick to call out these False Leftist Jews as "fake socialists". However, the solution is not to embrace Maoism, but Dengism (Third Worldism).

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