Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 13461 times)


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« Reply #75 on: November 29, 2020, 11:04:29 pm »
"And their counterparts in the West are the "pro-China" False Leftist activists."

Are these also negative towards the Counterculture era?

"I have started following non-racist anti-Zionist "truther" accounts, as well as anti-racist anti-war accounts, such as the one mentioned."

Please also try to encourage firearm ownership among leftists.

"Ok. But what term would you prefer we use? Racist? Patronizing?"

It's not racist in the sense of ethnotribalist. Patronizing is closer, but it depends on the particular context. To supplement what I wrote in the previous post, the important thing to remember is that the historical Orientalists were creating their stereotypes for consumption primarily by their own society (for the sake of contrast), whereas today's stereotypers are creating their stereotypes for consumption primarily by the group being stereotyped (to exercise control over the group's behaviour). I suppose you could call it biscuit-feeding.....

"But these same False Leftist "anti-war" types say they are "anti-neocon". Perhaps they are only against the neocon ideologues, while still sharing their ideology?"

They associate neocons exclusively with eagerness to go to war, not with the eagerness to Westernize after war (which is the actual important part). By no coincidence, these same False Left anti-war types are also hopeless when I try to convince them about the necessity to invade Israel/Myanmar/Hungary/etc.. This is also why the True Left must make it clear from the outset in all presentations that we believe (as is obvious from all of history) in the necessity of military action for solving many problems in a decisive manner. What distinguishes us from rightists is the principle that we must use our military in strict accordance with Ahimsa.

Also an update: