Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 13461 times)


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"whereas today's stereotypers are creating their stereotypes for consumption primarily by the group being stereotyped"

Regardless of whomever the stereotypes are being created for to consume, stereotyping is nonetheless dishonourable and thus non-Aryan. Therefore, those who engage in stereotyping are non-Aryan, and hence, they are unsalvageable. So I do not waste my time on Twitter attempting to educate/persuade them (I am blocked by most of those cowards anyway), but rather focus on those who refuse to accept such stereotypes in the first place nor stereotype others, to begin with.

"They associate neocons exclusively with eagerness to go to war, not with the eagerness to Westernize after war (which is the actual important part)."

Do you think those anti-war activists who are opposed to this (such as @korcounterprop) are salvageable? Despite their incorrect use of vocabulary (i.e. "imperialism" to describe colonialism) they seem to be opposed to Westernization. Another distinction that separates these people (such as @korcounterprop) from False Leftists* (such as PSL) is their vehement opposition to stereotypes, even when those stereotypes purport to "praise" those whom they stereotype. In this regard, I think people like @korcounterprop are refusing the goy biscuit and are thus anti-Western.

"By no coincidence, these same False Left anti-war types are also hopeless when I try to convince them about the necessity to invade Israel/Myanmar/Hungary/etc.."

While I think potential True Leftists may not vocally support military invasion yet, they are very much supportive of forming alliances with the enemies of those countries as well as with non-Western countries that are the target of Westernization, which is what underscores their anti-war activism. Contrast this to the False Leftists who are merely opposed to war because it is "bad for the troops" or for some other vague concept of utopian "peace".

*Given that these False Leftists (even supposed "communists) speak about the need for North Koreans to obtain "rights" could they really be classified as "communist"? I don't think "communists" would speak about "rights" but would instead solely focus on class. So I would say they are democrats, or to use a term that has come into popularity recently, "democratic socialists".
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