Author Topic: JEWS HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON WITH US!  (Read 13461 times)


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« Reply #75 on: December 01, 2020, 12:03:42 am »
"A good test would be to see how they respond to non-colonialist imperialism. For example:"

I have searched @korcounterprop's timeline and there are no tweets on Turkey, but there are tweets condemning the Zionist YPG, who are anti-Turkey.

"A communist could argue that the proletariat has the "right" to own the means of production while the bourgeois do not have such a "right"."

Ok. But those organizations such as PSL/COEDPINK do not speak of the "rights" of the proletariat exclusively, but "rights" in general, in opposition to the alleged "totalitarian" gulags present in North Korea. A true communist would have no problem with gulags, as they would seek to strip the bourgeois of their "rights". As far as I can tell, even the PSL, which calls itself a "revolutionary Marxist" party, does not advocate for gulag torture. So it appears there is a contradiction, where they use Marxist terminology to advocate for liberal policies.
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