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"Today, President Donald J. Trump commuted the prison sentence of Ronen Nahmani, an action strongly supported by many notable leaders from across the political spectrum, like representatives Hakeem Jeffries and Mark Meadows," according to a White House statement.
Fighting for Nahmani's sentence to be shortened were first-rate lawyers, including Alan Dershowitz and Gary Apple, who previously represented American Chabad member Sholom Rubashkin, who was also released from prison following Trump's intervention. The president dismissed Rubashkin's sentence in December 2017 and he was subsequently released from prison.
Behind the campaign for Nahmani's release was Moshe Morgatran, a New York Skver chassid follower.

Nahmani, who also holds Israeli citizenship, may return to Israel with his family.


Donald Trump has issued a full pardon to I Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief of staff to vice-president Dick Cheney under George W Bush.

Libby was convicted in 2007 of obstruction of justice and perjury, in connection with an investigation into the leak of the identity of a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. His conviction was the result of an investigation by the special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald, who was appointed by the then deputy attorney general, James Comey.

President Bush commuted Libby’s sentence, sparing him jail time but leaving him a convicted felon who had to pay a fine and do community service. Trump’s pardon totally expunges the conviction.

Libby was born to an affluent Jewish family in New Haven, Connecticut; his late father, Irving Lewis Liebowitz, was an investment banker.


NEW YORK — The New York City Health Department said it cannot complete an investigation into who infected four infants with herpes through a circumcision rite because the boys’ fervently Orthodox families will not identify the mohels.

“Unfortunately, some in the community are resistant to sharing the name of the mohels,” Health Department spokesman Christopher Miller told DNAinfo New York on Tuesday. “This is a very insular community.”

No kidding! And this is why we were already saying all those years ago that Jewry must be treated as a secret society.


Some 474 days after former state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was convicted — for the second time — of peddling his office’s influence in exchange for millions in kickbacks, he remains a free man.

Silver, 75, still hasn’t spent a single night behind bars, as his case is again before a panel of federal appeals court judges and continues to live on public funds — his nearly $7,000 monthly state pension.


Ehud Sheleg, who runs a Mayfair art gallery, is set to be appointed to the role after giving the Tories half a million pounds before the last election. Sheleg is a director of The Halcyon Gallery Ltd, Washington Green Fine Arts Group, Artica Galleries, Halcyon Fine Art Group Holdings, Washington Green Retail and Halcyon Fine Art Group Ltd, all of whose accounts were due last month and have not been filed according to the Companies House website.


JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy joined Jersey City's mayor Tuesday in calling for a school board member to quit over comments she made about the shooting at a kosher market, referring to Jews as “brutes” and questioning whether the shooters had a point to make in attacking Jews.

Murphy, a Democrat, tweeted hours after Jersey City Democratic Mayor Steven Fulop said that Board of Education member Joan Terrell Paige's comments on the social media platform from the weekend “has no place in our schools.”
Paige's post said that members of the black community had been threatened and harassed to sell their homes by “brutes of the jewish community.”

Jews violently pressuring people to sell their homes: not punishable. Non-Jews pointing out it is being done by Jews: punishable.

Support Joan Terrell Paige!


Israeli penetration is so deep inside Congress that the Lobby minions write their own bills each year for their incessant demands. Recently they wanted all living Holocaust survivors in the US, people from a group that has average incomes of six figures, to get stipends from the US government for surviving the Holocaust which was WWII, that killed over 50 million people.
What is not discussed much is the quid pro quo, whereby Jews reward themselves for their goodness by allocating to the tribe top positions in high profile and richly remunerated professions where they are hugely over-represented.

Much of the Jewish self-congratulation takes place behind the scenes, at events that are for Jews only or in discussions inside the Jewish media, but of late the empowering of Zionist and Jewish interests by President Donald Trump and the success in shutting down criticism of Israel has served to embolden those who like to boast of the tribe’s accomplishments.
New York City has an ultra-orthodox Jewish volunteer ambulance service called Hatzalah which is in part taxpayer funded and was founded due to “cultural differences” between extreme orthodox Jews and gentiles. Hatzalah has somehow managed to obtain 50 ventilators, which are used in the extreme cases of coronavirus to assist the patient’s breathing. It is projected that ventilators will be in short supply as the number of sick patients increases.

At Maimonides, Hatzalah has given the ventilators to the hospital but only under the condition that Jews will get first access to them. In cases where an elderly Jewish patient is dying and a gentile child might be able to recover using a ventilator, the Jew has to be allowed to retain his ventilator until he dies.


Stanley Ho, the entrepreneur who built a casino empire that dominated Macau, has died. He was 98.
Ho, full name Ho Hung-sun, was born into the rogue branch of Hong Kong’s famed Ho Tung clan. He made an early fortune smuggling luxury goods across the border between China and Macau during WWII and invested his profits in kerosene and construction businesses, before bidding for the gambling monopoly that was tendered by the Macanese government.

And of course:

Ho was descended from great-grandfather Charles Henry Maurice Bosman (1839–1892), who was of Dutch Jewish ancestry

therefore instead of being punished:

In the New Year Honours 1990, Ho was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (O.B.E.) "for services to the community in Hong Kong"[31] In 1995, the Portuguese government appointed Ho to the Gră-Cruz da Ordem do Infante Dom Henrique (Great Cross of the Order of Prince Henrique), the highest honour for any civilian, for his contributions to society.

This is colonialism for you.

There is also this **** mess:

Ho had 17 children born to four women.


Jane Ho (1947–2014) married to Siu Pak-sing
Pansy Ho, (b. 1962) married to Julian Hui (divorced 2001)
Florinda Ho, (b. 1989)
Sabrina Ho, (b. 1990), married to Thomas Xin
Robert Ho (1948–1981) married to Melanie Susan Potier
Daisy Ho (b. 1964) married to Simon Ho
Laurinda Ho, (b. 1991, twin), engaged to Shawn Dou
Arnaldo Ho (b. 1993), previously engaged to Jeannie Chan
Angela Ho (b. 1958) married to Peter Kjaer
Maisy Ho (b. 1967)
Orlando Ho, (b. 1991, twin), married to Qi Jiao (齊嬌)
Mario Ho (b. 1995), married to Ming Xi
Deborah Ho (b. 1962)
Josie Ho, (b. 1974) married to Conroy Chan

Alice Ho, (b. 12 June 1999)

Lawrence Ho (b. 1976) married to Sharen Law


Ringo Siu – by Jane (b. 1979)
Beatrice Ho – by Daisy (b. 1995)
Tittania Ho – by Orlando (b. 2018)
Audrey Rose Xin – by Sabrina (b. 2019)
Faye Ho – by Robert (b. 1975) married to Michael Anthony Iesu (divorce)
Gillian Ho – by Daisy (b. 1997)
Baby girl -by Orlando (b. 2019)
Ronaldo Ho – By Mario (b. 2019)
Sarah Ho – by Robert (b. 1978)[23]
Ho Hoi Chi – by Lawrence (b. 2006)

Stanley Ho-Willers – by Angela (b. 1987)

Ariel Ho-Kjaer – by Angela (b. 1993)


Melanie Iesu – by Faye

Micheal Iesu – by Faye

This is what ancient ways were designed for: