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Re: Progressive Yahwism
« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2022, 02:45:58 pm »
Progressive Yahwist definition of "advancement":

Could our universe have been created in a petri dish? Avi Loeb seems to think so. The Harvard astronomer posits that a higher “class” of civilization may have conjured up our universe in a laboratory far, far away.
He also introduces a new way of classifying exactly what makes a civilization advanced—one that veers away from Soviet astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev’s system, which organizes civilizations based on the amount of energy they generate and consume.

According to Kardashev, Type I civilizations—greetings, Earthlings!—are only advanced enough to utilize the starlight that reaches their planet (4×1012 watts), while Type II civilizations have mastered the ability to fully harness their host star’s power (4×1026 watts). Dyson sphere, anyone? Type III civilizations, the final classification in his framework, are able to harness all of the energy within their galaxy (a whopping 4×1037 watts).

Loeb, by contrast, has devised a framework that breaks advanced civilizations down into classes based on their ability to “reproduce the astrophysical conditions that led to its existence.”

Earthlings would fall into class C because, as a “low-level” technological civilization, we would not be able to recreate our current conditions should the sun suddenly die. (He suggests we might even fall into the class D category because we’re actively destroying our only home.) On the other hand, class B civilizations, Loeb writes, are advanced enough to recreate the conditions in which they live, independent of their host star.

A class A civilization, like our proposed creators, would be able to, say, generate large amounts of dark energy and, as Loeb suggests, create “baby universes,” or smaller universes controlled by this higher civilization, that could potentially spawn life. He also suggests that, due to competition, only one advanced civilization at a time would be able to reach this level of sophistication.

I don't like Kardashev's definition either, of course, but Loeb's is even worse. A truly superior civilization should not only (contrary to Kardashev's definition) try to consume less energy rather than more, but also (contrary to Loeb's definition) have at least enough ethical concern to refrain from creating more universes in which to imprison even more victims! The only true superiority is nobility.

Anyway, the part in bold sounds like a description of Yahweh to me.

Also, describing our current condition:


“low-level” technological civilization

gives you an idea of how depraved progressives really are.

As for:

(He suggests we might even fall into the class D category because we’re actively destroying our only home.)

I have a different take on this as I previously mentioned:

Increasingly, I believe that there is a Yahwist collective subconscious process at work which is deliberately trying to trash Earth beyond saving in order to spur Westerners to expand into outer space ASAP.

To express it in Loeb's terminology, I think Western civilization is merely giving itself more urgent incentives to become class B.

And yes:

Abraham "Avi" Loeb (Hebrew: אברהם (אבי) לייב; born February 26, 1962) is an Israeli-American theoretical physicist who works on astrophysics and cosmology.

His interests:

In 2020, Loeb published a research paper about the possibility that life can propagate from one planet to another,[38] followed by the opinion piece "Noah’s Spaceship" about directed panspermia.[39]!/
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